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Nancy Crow, pioneer of the art quilt movement, teaching in NZ in January 2020

Dates: Dec 30 2019 - Jan 10 2020

Two sequential five-day (Mon - Fri) courses run on a residential basis.

Location: Silverstream Retreat Centre in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Nancy Crow - Teaching Quilt Design
in New Zealand
in January 2020!

Join this leader of the modern art quilt movement in intensive and rewarding workshops.

Nancy has taught in NZ in 2011, 2013, and 2017. These were very challenging and rewarding sets of workshops.

About the tutor, Nancy Crow

Nancy Crow

Nancy is a highly experienced and respected quilt artist, resident in Ohio, USA. As well as offering classes from her own venue, Nancy has travelled the world offering quilt design classes for many years.

Nancy was at Symposium in Dunedin in 1991. In 2002 NANZQ brought Nancy to New Zealand to run a five-day design class in three cities. She exhibited and lectured in three cities as part of the Auckland Symposium in 2005. Interviews of Kiwi quilters in NZQuilter magazine frequently cite attendance at a Nancy Crow course as significant in a quilter's development.

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A brief bio of Nancy

Nancy has been teaching quiltmaking as an art form for over 25 years; she finds teaching both a very creative experience and uplifting. One of her goals is to help students find a path through roadblocks to a more flexible way of approaching composition.

Composition is the focus of all of her 12 workshops in which she proceeds sequentially from beginning to very advanced composition while at the same time introducing many wonderful techniques which can be used in machine-piecing.

Nancy promotes machine-piecing as "THE" most important way to work for a quiltmaker, paralleling it to oil painting.

Nancy was selected for two national honors: Fellow of the American Craft Council and National Living Treasure by the Museum of World Cultures at the University of North Carolina. The National Living Treasure award honors Americans who work in traditional handicrafts. In addition, she has won many Individual Artist's Fellowships from The Ohio Arts Council.

She leads art tours to Mexico, South Africa, France, and Guatemala, and is the author of six books, including: NANCY CROW, CROSSROADS, Nancy Crow: Improvisational Quilts and Nancy Crow: Quilts and Influences.

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