Key details

Nancy Crow, pioneer of the art quilt movement, teaching in NZ in January 2020

Two sequential five-day (Mon - Fri) courses run on a residential basis.

Location: Silverstream Retreat Centre in the Hutt Valley, Wellington, New Zealand

Course and Venue Details

Dates - January 2020

Given the postponement, exact dates are to be confirmed.

Two sequential five-day courses run on a residential basis. There are maximum numbers of 18 students for each week.

Have I got the skills to benefit from these classes?

Anyone is welcome to enter any of the five-day courses if they are fluent in machine-piecing, bring the full selection of material required, and come with plenty of energy to work with the new ideas they're learning.

Nancy is building on the previous courses she has taught in NZ. She has set homework that will prepare students for the courses. [Click to see details of homework.]


Nancy prefers students to attend both weeks if at all possible.

  1. Week 1:
  2. Week 2:

Advice from Nancy about the course:

"Each class builds on the one before it as all classes are taught as art classes. They are all deeply embedded in classical art/design concepts. Figure/ground composition will be emphasized in every single class. Each student needs to be fluent in machine-piecing for all classes."
"These workshops give a student an excellent foundation in beginning composition as well as technique. Each and every class I teach is based in composition. And what I teach gets harder and harder and a student must have the skills to tackle advanced composition."

Photos from Nancy's previous workshops

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One of Nancy's previous workshops One of Nancy's previous workshops

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

The venue is the Silverstream Retreat Centre in the Hutt Valley.


The Retreat Centre includes motel suites. Nancy Crow's courses are run on a residential basis. It is expected that students have prepared themselves to put their lives on hold, and therefore do not generally return home to prepare meals for others etc during the week. However students are welcome to arrange alternative accommodation.


Meals will be available from the Retreat Centre.

Planning your time

These are Nancy's usual class hours: Monday-Friday: 9-12 and 2-5 daily.

Classrooms are open from 6:30 am until 10:30 pm every day. The site is a safe place to move around at all hours.

Weekends: Students may remain on site or make arrangements to visit friends/family, return home to check how family are, or travel around the region. The workroom will be available all weekend and students may leave work there undisturbed. Students may also work whenever they wish between 6:30am and 10:30pm over the weekend.